> We offer Negotiating Skill Programmes and International Negotiation Programmes <

In our Negotiating Skill Programmes, participants learn to be more effective both as solo negotiators and as team members within and outside their organisation. The programme is facilitated by a seasoned negotiation expert with superior training skills.

In our International Negotiation Programmes, participants learn to apply their negotiating skills in more complex negotiating situations, within their own culture and across cultural boundaries. The programme is co-facilitated by a seasoned negotiation expert and a senior intercultural consultant. Depending on organisational requirements, we develop tailor-made case studies that closely reflect the client's business environment. We recommend considering individual coaching and support in order to deepen the impact of the group-based learning.

Negotiating Skills Programmes

Our approach to negotiation is comprehensive and concise. Participants will enter a series of negotiating activities of increasing complexity, and will receive in-depth feedback on their performance.

Working with IBI, participants will:

  • Gain a clear grasp of their personal negotiating style, and how to manage their strengths and weaknesses more effectively
  • Develop their ability to select and implement an appropriate strategy for each negotiation
  • Have practical tools for determining their negotiating position; handling information and concessions; creating options for mutual gain, etc.
  • Be better equipped to analyse, use and respond to power
  • Learn about a set of tried and tested rules for handling key tactical areas
  • Get an inventory of common tactical gambits and counter-measures
  • Learn to better control the meeting (whether face to face or on the phone) and to move smoothly through the different negotiation phases
  • Enhance their skills in communicating, questioning, listening, managing conflict and building relationships
  • Practise techniques for reviewing individual and team performance to build on success and learn from setbacks.

International Negotiation Programmes: Negotiating effectively across borders

In our International Negotiation Programmes, you will enter a series of demanding cross-cultural negotiating activities, and receive in-depth feedback on your negotiating and communicative approach. Through this feedback, interactive presentations and analysis of real-life business cases, we will cover key areas of international negotiating.

Working with IBI, you will:

  • Learn to raise your success rate in cross border negotiations
  • Better understand cultural differences in negotiating, and the cultural factors influencing your partners' objectives, strategies and styles
  • Learn to negotiate more realistic terms in order to develop newly acquired products and markets
  • Improve your skills of negotiating as a team with internal and external customers
  • Learn how to develop mutually advantageous long-term relationships with existing and new customers in increasingly competitive markets
  • Gain greater confidence to conduct negotiations with new and existing commercial partners, in the minimum of time whilst protecting your interests on monetary and non-monetary items
  • Improve your ability to provide a common language and perspective within your negotiating teams as a basis for more effective planning and teamwork, for clearer agreements on targets for specific negotiations, and for reviewing performance.

Please contact IBI if you wish to receive more information about our programmes.

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