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You want your expatriates to connect to new people, to perform in a new environment, and to enjoy their time abroad. You are looking for a process to help your expatriates and their partners to achieve all that.

Working with IBI, your expatriates and their partners will:

  • Learn how they can benefit from existing personal strengths and intercultural competences
  • Learn how to stay in charge when the going gets tough
  • Identify personal, cultural and business challenges, and be ready to learn what they need to meet those challenges
  • Identify the skills they need to develop, and know how to deal with the more stable aspects of their psychological make-up
  • Feel re-energized by focusing on their long-term objectives and assessing how they can use the assignment to achieve these objectives
  • From the start reflect upon their return as just another step in moving forward.

How does it work?

Expatriates and (if applicable) their partners fill in IBI's Intercultural Readiness Check and the Multicultural Personality Questionnaire (© van Oudenhoven & van der Zee).

Feedback on the results is provided in an in-depth confidential coaching session.

An additional coaching session serves to re-focus the expatriates and partners on their long-term objectives:

  • What do they want to have achieved five years from now?
  • How can they use the assignment to achieve those objectives?
  • How can they play to their strengths, learn new skills, and navigate around pitfalls with a view to making the most out of the assignment?
  • How can they support each other?
  • Which themes should they focus on when meeting the country expert?
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