> Every member of your staff is crucial to managing the flow of information on a day-to-day basis <

To support the growth of your business across borders, staff members at all levels in the organisation need to build rapport and communicate professionally with business partners from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Working with IBI, staff members will:

  • Understand how their culture has influenced how they communicate and connect to people
  • Better understand the needs of people from other cultures
  • Improve their ability to communicate with clients, colleagues and suppliers from cultures other than their own
  • Better understand the signals others use to bring across difficult messages
  • Learn about culture-specific strategies of being polite
  • Improve their ability to effectively gather and distribute information in culturally diverse groups
  • Be able to better assess people's expectations with respect to meetings and deadlines in order to prevent costly misunderstandings
  • Understand culture's impact on email correspondence and related tools for remote communication.

How does it work?

Our programmes focus on intercultural competences that are vital to communicating across cultures: Intercultural Sensitivity, Managing Uncertainty, and Intercultural Communication. Prior to the programme, participants fill in the IRC, which assesses these competences. The final workshop design depends on the specific strengths and developmental needs of participants with respect to these competences as identified through the IRC

Through selected exercises, participants will experience the impact of cultural values on how people communicate; they will learn to actively use verbal and nonverbal signals to say what needs to be said whilst respecting the needs of their counterparts from other cultures.

We combine hands-on information about relevant cultures with tools to swiftly analyse differing expectations so that misunderstanding and conflict can be prevented. Role plays and real life cases translate findings about cultural differences into practical next steps.

Developing your intercultural competences

Create your personal roadmap through feedback on the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC). You have the opportunity to complete the IRC prior to the programme and receive in-depth personal feedback during the programme. The IRC feedback highlights the skills you can best focus on first. The joint outcome of the IRC feedback and our programme will be your personal roadmap that helps you to maintain your learning and to continue practising new behaviours.

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