> Improve your performance and increase your opportunities in the highly competitive and demanding Japanese business environment <

Whether you are seeking new opportunities, expanding an existing alliance, managing a culturally diverse team or running a business, our programmes are designed to answer your questions about how to do business in Japan as well as to support you in developing your cultural understanding and skills in this highly competitive and demanding environment.

Japan Business Seminar

Working with IBI, you will:

  • Learn about the key features of Japanese culture and their influence on your business with Japanese business partners
  • Understand the why behind the Japanese behaviors and business processes
  • Learn how to communicate and negotiate effectively with Japanese business partners
  • Learn about the Essentials of Japanese Business Etiquette
  • Learn more about the Japanese Business Practices of your choice (e.g., influencing, decision making processes, effective meetings, motivating people, keeping deadlines)
  • Find the best solutions for your business cases involving Japanese culture

Target Audience

  • Those who do business with Japanese organizations in Europe and in Japan and want to learn how Japanese organizations think and work
  • Those who do business in the Japanese market and want to better understand its cultural codes
  • Those who are in the process of an M&A or post M&A with Japanese organizations and want to create a positive and productive corporate culture supporting the new mission
  • Those who work for Japanese companies and want to work more effectively with Japanese colleagues and perform better in Japanese organizations
  • All those who want to learn how to work more effectively with Japanese people

About IBI Consultant Masako Kato

Masako Kato is specialized in culture and diversity management of international organizations on individual, team and organizational levels.

She holds an MA in International Relationship from the Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. After her study she moved to the Netherlands and worked in the Human Resources field at one of the largest Japanese companies in the Netherlands for 16 years on the interface of Japanese and Dutch management.

She is a certified intercultural management trainer of itim international and certified organizational culture management consultant of itimfocus. She is an intercultural (team) coach using the Co-Active® Coaching method of the Coach Training Institute and Organization and the Relationship Systems Coach™ of the Center for Right Relationship. She is also a certified facilitator of the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment of Team Coaching International and of IBI's Intercultural Readiness Check.

Born and raised in Japan, Masako studied in the USA and has been living in the Netherlands for the last 25 years. She is specialized in Japanese and European relationships, and delivers training, consulting and coaching services in English, Dutch and Japanese.

Intercultural Readiness Check

The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) will give you a snapshot of your personal strengths and pitfalls when interacting with people from other cultures. When you choose to take the IRC in combination with this one-day Japan Business Seminar, you will receive specific advice on how to improve your effectiveness in doing business with Japanese business partners. The IRC feedback, which is optional, will take about one hour after the workshop.

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