> Developing business opportunities with and in India, the biggest democracy and second most populous nation in the world, is a priority for many companies <

Whether you are seeking new opportunities, expanding an existing alliance, managing a culturally diverse team or running a business, our programmes are designed to answer your questions about how to do business in India as well as to support you in developing your cultural understanding and skills in this fast-moving environment.

India Business Seminar

Working with IBI, you will:

  • Learn the key features of the Indian business environment and culture, and a variety of business models
  • Understand the significant changes in the social, political and economic climate driving the changing Indian business scene
  • Develop your skills in building relationships with Indians
  • Build strategies for "getting to yes" in negotiations
  • Understand the nuances of Indian leadership styles and how to leverage these in your business
  • Develop strategies for successful collaboration in teams

How does it work?

Programmes are designed around your business priorities, and based on the latest research as well as the experience of business people working in India in a range of locations and sectors. Problems and dilemmas are addressed using a mixture of real life cases, interactive presentations and group or individual coaching; the focus remains on working towards solutions that fit your business needs. Common concerns in the presenters' experience for example include:

  • "How can I develop my Indian team? In Europe I would take them to the bar, but the Indians do not drink"
  • "What subjects can I talk about when meeting Indians? what is taboo?"
  • "Will the project deadlines be met?"

About IBI Consultant Lina Bilkha

Lina specialises in Intercultural Consulting, Executive and Life Coaching, Leadership Development and High Performance Team Building. Over the last 15 years she has worked extensively in India, the UK, Indonesia and Europe with blue chip Companies. She has coached over 500 senior managers of over 20 nationalities. She has worked extensively with groups and individuals, equipping them with skills to meet the challenges and opportunities of operating in overseas business environments. She was recently judged the best international coach among a group of leading coaches engaged by a Top 5 Consulting Firm to coach their Partners globally.

Lina holds international qualifications in Executive and Gestalt Coaching and is an IRC Licensee. She graduated in German and Psychology before gaining her Masters in Linguistics. After an early career lecturing in Post Graduate Studies at Bombay University, she moved to the corporate sector.

About IBI Consultant Ann Means

Ann's area of specialization is Leadership and Multicultural Teams in international contexts. She has 20 years experience in developing and delivering a variety of programmes aimed at increasing individual, group and organisational effectiveness for blue-chip clients in a number of sectors and several countries. She has also worked extensively with clients enabling them to develop the range of skills required to leverage cultural diversity and minimize cultural barriers.

With Lina Bilkha, she has run a number of seminars on Indian business and culture. In addition to consultancy projects, Ann is involved in academic research and has lectured at St Xaviers Institute of Communication, St Xaviers and HR Colleges in Mumbai, and Nottingham Business School (UK). She has been invited as speaker to a variety of business and academic audiences.

Ann graduated in languages and has a Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour, she is now completing her Doctoral studies at Birkbeck College, London. Her career before moving to consultancy includes working in UK Government Service and Senior Management for PricewaterhouseCoopers. She has lived and worked in Russia, Hungary, France and Germany, and most recently for 9 1/2 years in India. She speaks several languages, including German, Russian and some Hindi, and now lives in Oxford, UK.

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