> Your results are based on comparisons to thousands of people from all over the world - what can you learn from them? <

You will receive written personal feedback with detailed suggestions for developing the IRC competences.

The IRC feedback will help you to better understand how you currently approach intercultural interactions. What do you do well, what do you find difficult, and how can you further develop your intercultural competences?

Where should you start? To help you decide, the IRC feedback highlights two specific areas, or facets, for each intercultural competence. For example, in order to enhance your Intercultural Sensitivity, should you focus first on becoming more aware of other cultures, or rather on paying more attention to verbal and nonverbal signals? Again, you can decide by taking into account how your approach compares to that of thousands of people from across the globe.

There are many roads to effective intercultural interaction - just as cultures differ, so do people.

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