> The IRC captures what it claims to capture and does so exactly <

Developed in partnership with one of Europe's leading universities, the IRC is a valid and reliable intercultural assessment tool.

The IRC database is carefully managed. In 2009, we asked a team of cross-cultural psychologists to test again the IRC scales by analysing answers from 13,000 respondents from all over the world.

Use the IRC to compare your approach to intercultural effectiveness with that of thousands of people from more than 14 industries and 130 countries.

Easy Access
The IRC is accessible online, is available in eight languages and takes only 20 minutes to complete.

Clear Feedback
The IRC Feedback is helpful and relevant and offers straightforward solutions for personal development. Use the IRC Feedback to determine your next steps for interacting more effectively with people from other cultures.

With by now more than 45,000 respondents from 14 industries and 130 countries, the IRC database allows you to benchmark your teams and your organisation by learning about levels of intercultural competence within your industry and across industries.

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