> Integration programs in the post-merger phase of a large European multinational <

A large European multinational contacted us directly at the beginning of its post-merger integration phase. They were looking for a provider who could design and deliver a complex integration program for managers faced with the implications of the merge in their teams, and who had to manage the resulting changes whilst maintaining their own performance and that of their teams.

Our approach integrated different levels of learning and support for all participating managers:

  • Innovative three-day group interventions focusing on change, diversity and performance, and key managerial and intercultural competencesIndividual assessment, and feedback on these competences during the program
  • Exchanges between participants and both HR representatives and senior management to address on-going organizational developments
  • Participant teams who continued their learning in small groups after the program, and
  • Bi-annual networking events to which all participants were invited.

Over a period of two years, we delivered 18 programs for more than 180 managers from all over the world. While we were delivering the program, the needs and interests of participants changed, so we had to continuously update our program to meet these needs.

The program has become so popular that it is still rolled out in a two-day version. It has generated three related programs for different levels of management in different parts of the organisation. In working with so many members of the organisation during these years, we have gained a unique understanding of the organisation that clearly helps all parties involved to address new learning needs swiftly and precisely.

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