> Oscar van Weerdenburg has held over a 1000 workshops and presentations for more than 40 multinational organisations on successfully managing cultural differences <

He frequently acts as visiting professor in the Executive Education Programs of Insead, and has lectured at the Michigan Business School and the Rotterdam School of Management. He is one the most frequently invited guest speakers on cultural issues at large international corporate conferences.

Oscar van Weerdenburg

In 2008 Oscar was awarded Best Lecturer of the Year Award by clients of CHAMPS, the largest business school in Sweden. He received the award for his sharp, colourful and humorous way of capturing cultural differences and suggesting ways to reconcile them in a business context.

In 1992, Oscar started his collaboration with Fons Trompenaars after having worked as lecturer in the European Studies department at the University of Amsterdam. Since then he has acted as trainer and consultant to a wide range of international companies that are aware that they operate in a complex multicultural environment - including Royal Dutch Shell, HSBC, BASF, Pepsico, Daimler, ABN AMRO and Goldmann Sachs.

Oscar co-founded Intercultural Business Improvement together with Ursula Brinkmann in 1996. For the past 10 years, Oscar has been involved in extensive research on intercultural competences and their relevance for internationally operating companies. Together with Ursula, he developed the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), a self-assessment tool measuring intercultural competencies and allowing for in-depth personal feedback on intercultural communication and leadership competences. The quality and practicality of the IRC has been widely recognised by members of the academic and business community, and its database by now is one of the world's largest databases on intercultural competences.

Oscar van Weerdenburg has published numerous articles on intercultural management, literature and philosophy, and for many years wrote for de Volkskrant, one of the major daily newspapers in the Netherlands.

Oscar can be contacted at oscar@ibinet.nl

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