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A large airline came to us with the request to help with the development of an online learning program for cabin crew and ground staff. Alliances and code-shares made it necessary to ensure that cabin crew and ground staff were able to communicate effectively with customers from different cultures, and to understand the customers' unique needs and ways of expressing these. Also, members of cabin crew were spending a lot of time away from home and could use this time more effectively by completing an online training course.

IBI provided all content information and a learning process that went into country-specific information packages. These packages consisted of:

  • A simple self-check of learners' own cultural values and how these may differ from others
  • Basic information about a range of target cultures, which was selected and focused on with a view to what was relevant for the learners' direct customer interactions - in this case, for example, providing service on board
  • Scenario questions inviting learners to apply this basic information about a country to a series of concrete situations with customers at airports and during the flight.
  • A format for learners to describe how they would change their behaviour. Learners were asked to capture a specific situation they had experienced with a customer of the airline, and to show how they would apply the understanding gained from the online learning program. Only after an IBI consultant had agreed with their assessment, and their approach to the situation, were they considered having completed the course.
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