> Ann Means's area of specialization is Leadership and Multicultural Teams in international contexts <

She has 20 years experience in developing and delivering a variety of programmes aimed at increasing individual, group and organisational effectiveness for blue-chip clients in a number of sectors and several countries.


Ann has worked extensively with clients, enabling them to develop the range of skills required to leverage cultural diversity and minimize cultural barriers. With Lina Bilkha, she has run a number of seminars on Indian business and culture. In addition to consultancy projects, Ann is involved in academic research and has lectured at St Xaviers Institute of Communication, St Xaviers and HR Colleges in Mumbai, and Nottingham Business School (UK). She has been invited as speaker to a variety of business and academic audiences.

Ann graduated in languages and has a Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour, she is now completing her Doctoral studies at Birkbeck College, London. Her career before moving to consultancy includes working in UK Government Service and Senior Management for PricewaterhouseCoopers. She has lived and worked in Russia, Hungary, France and Germany, and most recently for over 9 years in India. She speaks several languages, including German, Russian and some Hindi, and now lives in Oxford, UK.

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