> Recent economic developments have revealed the interdependence of old and new, established and upcoming markets <

Important economic activities are being moved to developing countries. Companies need to succeed in markets whose dynamic can be new and confusing. An increasingly diverse workforce requires companies to review established approaches to teamwork and talent management.

To succeed, they need people who communicate effectively across cultures, invest in new networks, cooperate in culturally diverse teams, and who see cultural diversity as a learning opportunity.

Intercultural competences have moved to the core of the competences required for success.

Our objective is to support you in developing the competences you need to benefit from cultural diversity.

We work with a network of consultants and trainers from various disciplines across Europe, Asia and North America. Our collective experience will support you and your staff to connect with people from different backgrounds, to perform in a highly diverse environment and to enjoy cultural diversity as a continuous learning process.

Don't hesitate to get in touch - we look forward to speaking with you.

Oscar van Weerdenburg and Ursula Brinkmann

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